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pondělí, 22. leden 2018
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Příšerně žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy.

There are two panes for two reasons: First is the most common one, which is that you can use it to split the article in two parts: intro part for the front page and the real article that links to the 'read more' link, which is the intro + the main content merged together.

BUT there is also an option that lets you split these to all together. That means that you could use the intro part for a seperate piece of text on your front page and the main part for the real article.

Example: You have a site that reviews movies and you have various people writting reviews, but one person editing the front page content. You could write a frontpage(intro) text like "Our critic Mr. X went to see movie XYZ and wrote an exclusive review for our more"
And when you click read more, you'll get the actual review.
Just select 'hide intro text' on the parameters.

Very exciting option that gives much more functionality to the two panes concept.

Thanks, RedSoxCoder! (Go Sox!)

Images. I once spent two hours just trying to place an image in the content. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the Mambo help pages; no one would answer my question in the forum; everything I tried didn’t work. So I will save you that pain – read on!

First you need to upload your images into the Media Manager. It’s under Site -> Media Manager, and it’s pretty obvious how to use it to upload files. Just remember that while the “browse” button is below the files icons, the “upload” button is above in the toolbar. Same with creating directories – create below, hit the “create” button above.

Once you have your images uploaded, you can insert them from any

Content items are similar to newspaper articles. You may display several content items at a time using a multi-column "blog" layout.

Examples of content items are: a welcome note, a terms and conditions page. 

', STICKY, CLOSECLICK, CAPTION, 'content item',BELOW,CENTER, WIDTH, 300, FGCOLOR, '#EEEEEE', BGCOLOR, '#00325E', TEXTCOLOR, '#000000', CAPCOLOR, '#FFFFFF', OFFSETX, 0, OFFSETY, 0);">content item
. Things not to do:

• Don’t use TinyMCE to insert pictures. To do that you have to go back to the Media Manager, get the address, copy/paste it into the box, and in my version there’s a bug, so once you do all that the html code is garbled and you have to go into the code and fix it.
• Don’t try to drag and drop images from the “images” tab into your wysiwyg editor. Though this appears to work, what you see is not what you will get. It only inserts thumbnails into the content, so when you look at the actual page on your site, tiny little images will appear instead of the regular image.


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